Freshening up your dining room this fall is easier than you think. Follow these 3 simple tips to update your table with ease!

1. The Ultimate Table Work Around. Everyone loves a beautiful floral arrangement, but they can be a logistical nightmare at a dinner party. The height, fragrance, pollen and petals can be a real challenge. Our solution? Gorgeous taper candles, accented with themed candle rings.  There something soothing about candlelight inviting your guests to linger and lending an air of pause from the daily hustle.  Candle rings sit at the base of each taper candle, and you can put many down the entire table’s length to create a design scheme.

ring1 ring2 ring3


2. Center Point Style. Kick your table up a notch! Table runners alone or on top your your table cloth add a whole layer of personality to your setting. Choosing an accent color or holiday theme subtly draws your guests eye to the center of the table and gives your table a “decorators” touch.

tablerunner1 tablerunner2 tablerunner3

3. Shaking It Up. Add that finishing touch to your table with individual salt and pepper sets at each place setting or multiple every few seats. Whether you go with matching sets, or an eclectic collection, it’s a way to add a more personal, fun, or elegant theme to your meal.

shakers1 shakers2 shakers3

Now that your table is ready to impress, go enjoy that dinner party!


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