Sometimes you just have to take a leap. That’s what we did when we painted our two front doors Spring Green. It’s not a forever color, it’s the fresh new mood we are in right now as the leaves are bursting, the peonies are popping, and the air is warming. We have been here 36+ years. We have been blessed to know some of our customers for that entire time. We enjoy meeting brand new customers each day. And the opinions about our new logo, sign, building color and doors, are varied as our guests.

Trying a new color palette is refreshing. We hear our customers lament every day how they’d like to refresh after all these years they have been living with their current décor, dishes, etc. That’s the fun of our shop. Trying a little something new with what you already have can open your eyes to a whole environment.


Some of our favorite ways to change the mood/season inside the shop include placemats, runners, throws, vases and candles. Yes, we get brand new product lines often, but we also have some companies that we have carried for 20+ years. We don’t want you to get bored, and always want to inspire you to try new things in your nest too. Next time you’d like to tackle a small decorating challenge, come see us. It could be a fun, easy, small change that makes a big impact.

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